CxRomos LLC

Enterprise, IoT and Mobile

About CxRomos

We build Real Time Enterprise apps with clients on Desktop, in Browser, on iOS, Android, WP.

We use Trift, WebSockets, Message Queues, REST APIs and Enterprise in .NET and Java, Azure Web Services, Azure Mobile Services, Amazon Mobile Services.

Applications for the Enterprise

We use Patterns, Principles, Enteprise Patterns, Resource Oritented Style, Service Oritented Style, ESB, Orchestration, Event Sourcing, CQRS, DDD, SOLID, OOP, OOD, TDD, BDD, Kanban, Lean

IoT across your business

We support Win and Linux Server Side, Mobile Clients (native iOS and Android), AWS, Azure, RackSpace, DigitalOcean, Parse, Arduino, Netduino, Rabsberry Pi

Our knowledge stack

We work with .NET Core Stack for Enterprise and APIs, REST, SOAP, WS*, WCF, WIF, (TCP, UDP, HTTP), Java Spring Boot Framework, Ruby/Rails REST APIs, Python/Django/Flask REST APIs, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin